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About Us

Shenzhen PIM Technology Co. Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise, professionally engaged in powder metallurgy metal injection molding (MIM), mechanical processing (CNC) product research and development, production and sales. Company products include protection supporting parts, all kinds of medical accessories, IT accessories, toy accessories, fishing gear accessories, watches and intelligent wearable accessories, automobile accessories and other mechanical accessories, firearms accessories (hand guard,hand grip, butt stock, flash hider, silencer, rail cover, sling adapter etc.). We have devoted into researching,application and developing high and new technology and new material technology in power metallurgy material science and engineering field.

The company has a number of independent intellectual property rights of the patent, and has developed a number of industry standards, received the military quality system certification GJB9001B-2009 and weapons and equipment research and production related qualification certification. Our company is well known for strong technology strength, engineering capability, advance production technology and state of art equipment, complete test measurement and strict product quality control, our company is well qualified to provide production development, technology design, machining, quality assurance and after sale service.

For many years developing, company has become military products and civilian products manufacturer, realized the arm-civilian development. With excellent quality and highperformance to service our customer with all our heart. We warmly welcome all customers whether from aboard or domestic to cooperate with us.
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